A Little Home Brewing Fun for the Kids

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When you find an activity that the family can have fun with together then everyone is happy. The kids especially like to be in on whatever dad and mom are doing. Therefore, it makes for a good idea and happy family if you are able to find something that the adults enjoy doing and that the children can take part in as well.

When we mention home brewing, you may thing that this is not an activity that the kids should be part of. Besides the fact that you are making beer, there is the involvement of sterilized equipment and boiling hot water. None of this sounds appealing for the adults to have their children around, and the kids may not see it as much fun. However, there is a way that you can feel comfortable with your kids being involved in the process if you are creating a children’s beer.

You are probably wondering just what kind of beer can be made for children or any other members of the family who may prefer nonalcoholic beverages. The alternative is not really “beer” that has an alcohol content, but that of ginger beer. This is a beverage that the children will enjoy consuming, especially after they have had a hand in creating it. The parents can feel comfortable that the kids are involved in a safe, fun family activity that everyone can benefit from.

When you have decide when your day to brew will be, you should be sure to have on hand the instructions, equipment and ingredients for the ginger beer ready beforehand. Having the supplies already on hand and then surprising the kids on a raining day with a beer making day will thrill them. The instructions for creating ginger beer are quite simple to follow, quick to make and fun for the kids. This makes it nice for those times that the kids run out of the beverage and want to make more.

Ginger beer does not contain any outlandish ingredients that you have to get a specialty store. All the ingredients you need you will find at your local grocery store.

Read all the instructions before starting the process. Ginger beer ingredients include:

– 8 plastic bottles with 1 pint capacity each.

– 4 bottles with 1 quart capacity each.

– Several bowls to using for mixing.

– 2 ounces of fresh ginger

– 1 teaspoon cream of tartar

– 2 sliced lemons

– 1 pound of sugar

– 1 ounce of yeast

– 1 gallon of boiling water

Before combining ingredients, crush the ginger so that it will properly mix with the other ingredients. The lemon should be sliced in large rings. All ingredients except the yeast can then be thoroughly combined into the boiled water.

Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature before adding in the yeast. Pour the completed mixture into the bottles and allow to go through fermenting for several days. Upon completion of the fermentation process, skim the residue from the top of the beverage. After a bit of refrigeration your ginger beer is now ready to be consumed.