Brands That Offer Extended Girls’ Sizes and Small Women’s Clothes

Buying clothes for young girls who have outgrown children’s sizes can be a challenge for parents who want modest or age-appropriate clothes. Juniors’ fashions may be too risqué or have embellishments that parents of young girls may want to avoid. Fortunately, there are several brands of clothing that offer either extended girls’ sizes, extra small women’s clothes or both.

Extended Girls’ Sizes at Old Navy and Gap

Old Navy and Gap are two brands that offer both extended sizes and women’s sizes to fit young girls. Sizing is similar between these two brands, both owned by parent company Gap Inc. The international company has five distinct brands – Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta, according to the Gap Inc. website.

Old Navy clothes can be trendy, but the company also offers staples like basic jeans and shirts. Girls’ sizes at Old Navy run from size 6 to 16. Many shirt styles are available (online only) in plus sizes L, XL and XXL. These shirts fit chest measurements up to 36 inches. Some pants are available in size 8 plus to 16 plus. These fit up to a 30-inch waist.


When girls have outgrown the children’s sizes, the women’s sizes pick up where the sizes for girls left off. Women’s clothes are available in sizes 0 to 20. Women’s petites are available for young girls and women up to 5’4″. Women’s pants are available in petite, short, regular, long and tall.

Sizing for clothes at the Gap are similar but prices are slightly higher and styles tend to be timeless. Sizes for girls at the Gap are available in XS to XXL. Girls’ plus-size shirts are available in M, L, XL and XXL. These fit chest measurements up to 35 1/4 inches. Girls’ pants are sold in regular and slim sizes 4-18, with plus-size pants available in 7 plus to 18 plus. The 18 plus pants fit up to a 31 ½ inch waist.

When girls move into women’s sizes, shirts are offered in sizes 0 to 22. Women’s size pants are available from 0 to 22 and are available in petite, ankle, regular, long and tall. Some jeans are available in size 00, which has a 23-inch waist measurement.

Wide Range of Plus Size Girls Clothing

Land’s End is one company that has an extensive offering of plus-sized girls’ clothes. Not only are girls’ clothes available in size small (7-8) through XL (16), but plus sizes are available in small to extra large, sizes 7 plus to 16 plus. Pants are offered in a similar size range, with regular and slim pants in 7 to 16 and plus sizes in 7 plus to 16 plus. Size 16 plus pants fit a waist measurement of 32 inches.

When girls are outsized in the children’s size range, women’s shirts and pants are available in size 00 through 26W. Jeans are available with 30-inch through 34-inch inseams. Women’s petites are available in sizes designed to fit women 4’11” through 5’3 ½” tall. Shirts in size 00 fit a bust measurement of 31 inches.

Land’s End clothes are known for their classic look. Prices may be slightly higher than other stores, but promotional codes for free shipping are often available. Land’s End offers extensive clearance and marked down items online.

European Sizing for Girls’ and Women’s Clothes

Hanna Andersson clothes use European sizing based on the child or tween’s height in centimeters. Sizes are available from 50 cm to 160 cm. The 160 cm-size fits girls 62 to 66 inches tall and weighing 88 through 110 lbs. Women’s sizes are available in XS through XL. The XS size is similar to a size 2 or 4 and fits a 32 ½ inch bust and 25-inch waist.

Although Hanna Andersson clothes sport a hefty price tag, there are some advantages to purchasing these clothes. Hanna Andersson offers styles that are more modest and age-appropriate than other retailers. The clothes are shrink-resistant, high quality and carry a recognized brand name. All of these factors improve the chances of reselling Hanna Andersson clothes to recoup some of the cost of the items.

Boden previously offered European sizing for their women’s clothes but now offers US sizing equivalents for women’s clothes. They added US size 2 and size 18 to their offerings in the fall 2010. Size 2 fits up to a 32-inch bust and up to a 25-inch waist. Pants, skirts and dresses are available in regular and long lengths.

Boden sells children’s sizes, Mini Boden, up to size 13-14 or 14. This size fits up to a 26 ½-inch waist and a 33-inch chest. There is some overlap between the children’s sizes at the higher end of the spectrum and the smallest adult sizes offered.

Parents who are looking for modest and age-appropriate clothes for their girls have many options available to them. Old Navy offers a mix of trendy clothes and basics. Gap and Land’s End are known for their classic clothes that never go out of style. European sizing with Hanna Andersson and items from Boden can fill in young girls’ wardrobes with items that can later be resold.