Emma Watson New Clothing Line with Alberto Ferretti Inspired by Jane Birkin

Life as Emma Watson is pretty good right now. The ‘Harry Potter’ actress has teamed up with Alberto Ferretti for an ethical clothing line which is nearing completion. The Hollywood starlet has released her third set of designs for the ethical clothing line People Tree. Reports are that Watson worked on a “green” capsule collection.

Who is Emma Watson?
The 21-year-old was born in Paris and moved back to England by the age of five. At the ripe old age of 10, Emma Watson landed the role of a lifetime as Hermione Grangerin the uber successful ‘Harry Potter’ film series. Over the next 10 years, Watson has grown up on the silver screen, continuing to play Grangerin in ‘Harry Potter’ films. Watson also manages to balance her time as a university student, studying at the prestigious Ivy-league Brown University. Watson then went on to become the face of Burberry for two campaigns and is now collaborating with People Tree for an ethical teen line.

Who is People Tree?
People Tree markets itself as ‘The Fair Trade fashion pioneer.’ They work with 50 Fair Trade groups in 15 countries in order to bring the most benefit to the greatest number of people. People Tree designers, located in the UK and Japan, enjoy using handmade fabrics to create not only beautiful, but caring garments.

Emma Watson and People Tree
“Emma had a Jane-Birkin-in-the-70s image in mind,” said The Times of India in a recent report about Watson’s collaboration with People Tree. When speaking of Emma Watson, Ferretti admits, “she is intelligent, with a strong personality, a young, modern girl of today but aware of social issues at the same time and very rigorous.”

The Emma Watson at People Tree line ranges from women’s dresses and skirts to men’s t-shirts and scarves.

The general population isn’t aware of animal cruelty and the impact the clothing business has on that industry. Clothing lines like People Tree collaborate with actresses like Emma Watson to raise awareness and c onsciousness of the growing issue.