Family and Buddha

Buddah photo Photo by Mennonite Church USA Archives

Holding the hearts of men so patient
Patience is key
The great emptiness of massice living things
Always become calm
The stars can be of dreams
When reticent living things are born
Did the Buddah know an old pair of shoes
No, he simply walked as you and I will
Did he see the triviality of life
Perhaps, but he did not make mention
The East becomes the West
Gladness comes form in only one
The thought of another person
The thought to live and love knowledgeably
Lotus forms in no arbitrary fashion
The bloom is of itself
It knows nothing of permanence of fashion
Only sleeps as it is told
Blooms when it blooms
The mind of you, Tony
Practices the prayer of the ancients
Ones that taught meditation is as essential as
The beating heart in your chest
Fancies do not exist ever in moments
The truest of times are spent in concentration
To have the central mind is to amaze
Others with non-false conceptions
As you walk the ego-personality fades
The night becomes as a silk handerchief
All becomes the brightness of mind’s helpful ground
And you walk
And you walk
And people see that you
Practice what you talk
The thinking mind can be as a foggy night
And clear it
And clear it

This was written for me, Tony, and my cat! There are three pics here. Please look at them. 🙂