Family Time

Family Time photo
Photo by Kalamazoo Public Library


Of all the times of my life, I most enjoy family time. When I can get away from my 9 to 5 and just be me. When I can relax and enjoy my husband and three little boys. We always have endless fun.

We might decide to play games or with their toys. We might go on a picnic or to an Amusement Park. Whatever we decide, its just great being together.

This particular day we are in the Park and the two oldest boys are romping. The baby is just learning how to walk, so my husband and I are helping him with that. Of course my two oldest need more space to play than our little cramped apartment, so they are very, very happy.

This is just what our family needs. That’s why there’s nothing better than family time.

My sister, who is single and childless, feels sorry for me. She is focused on her career and has no intentions of settling down or having a family. I tell her, “girl, you don’t know what you are missing! Just wait until you meet Mr. Right. ‘Cause once you do, its going to be on like neckbones”. She just laughs and says, “no thank you”, she is happy just the way she is. No need for any major changes in her life. But “whatever floats my boat is fine with her”.

Now don’t get me wrong, she loves her nephews. In fact, they are one of the main reasons she visits me. But she just seems to be a free spirit. So I say, “whatever floats her boat is fine with me”.

My husband laughs at our lighthearted banter. Whenever she visits it’s the same thing. We always seem to wear out the topic of her singleness. But we all love each other, so life is wonderful. God is good and He will provide.