Five Ways Your Kids Can Go Green at Home

Go Green photo
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Kids want to save the planet, and kids want to help the family. So, why not teach your kids ways they can go green at home? Here are five things kids can do at home to help the environment and to help lower family expenses.

Go Green by Turning on Cold Water. Explain to your kids how using cold water–instead of hot–saves your family money. In addition, teach your kids how to brush their teeth with minimal water usage by turning off the water stream while brushing. This conserves water and impacts both the environment and your water bill.

Go Green by Turning Off Lights. Getting your kids to turn off lights when they leave a room is an important first step, but it’s not the only way to go green with lighting. Kids can help open drapes or blinds to take advantage of free natural light during the daylight hours. Use of natural light saves electricity and saves on your electric bill.

Go Green with Compact Florescent Light Bulbs. Explain to your kids how certain light bulbs use more electricity to operate. Let your kids help swap incandescent light bulbs for compact florescent ones in your home, starting with their bedrooms. The initial cost of changing light bulbs in your home may pinch a bit, but you will save energy and cut utility costs over time.

Go Green by Replacing Paper with Cloth. Instead of using disposable paper towels and paper napkins in the kitchen, choose cloth. Explain to your kids how these items are easy to wash along with family laundry. Have a handy place in your kitchen to store cloth towels and napkins, and allow kids to help wash, dry, fold, and put away the cloth napkins and towels.

Go Green by Sorting Family Trash. Kids can help sort family and personal trash by separating out recyclables. Provide containers for glass, aluminum, cans, bottles, cardboard, and newspaper. Teach your kids how to determine what can be recycled and what cannot. A great motivation for recycling is to allow your kids to enjoy the money earned from recycling.

As your kids make these five simple changes at home, you will see a positive impact on your family budget, and your kids will be doing their part to go green.