Low Fat Fruit Smoothie: A Healthy Snack

There are busy days you need more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of the keys to healthy snacking is preparing the snack before you are too hungry to control yourself, before the craving for a sugar rush overwhelms you. It helps to have something quick and easy on hand. A fruit smoothie will give you a boost that lasts till dinner time. The merits of a fruit smoothie are simple:

1) It helps to meet your fruit and dairy intake for the day.

2) Fruit and honey have natural sugars that give you a real boost without crashing your blood sugar level later on.

3) Depending on the fruit you use, you could boost your anti-oxidants, your immune system, etc..

4) You can share it with your children and not feel guilty – no need to hide a sugary quick-fix snack.



Honey (optional)

Frozen fruit

Milk (dairy substitute) or Orange Juice (or other fruit juice)

Put two cups of frozen fruit in a blender. Add a cup of milk or orange juice and two to four tablespoons of yogurt depending on how creamy your taste runs. Blend until fairly smooth, then add the desired amount of honey. When all is mixed, pour into a glass to enjoy a simple, quick, healthy snack.

On a side note, you can buy prepared frozen fruit in your grocer’s freezer, but that can be expensive. I prefer to buy fruit in bulk when it is on sell (strawberries at $1/lb) or I go to a pick-your-own farm. Simply wash and freeze the fruit in individual sized bags or in large freezer bags; after one night’s work it’s ready to go for months to come. Also know that raspberries, blackberries and the like make the smoothie very seedy, and may require extra blending time if you choose to use such fruit.