Quick and Trendy Hairstyles in Under Five Minutes

When the weather is humid or we just don’t have enough time in a day, it can be hard to get your hair the way you’d like. There are always those days when you’re hair is a frizzy mess or just won’t hold a curl. When things don’t always go the way you’d hope, your hair can still look trendy and sleek. Try some of these quick, but gorgeous, hairstyles in less than 5 minutes.

Quick Hairstyles: The Basic Braid

When you just have a few minutes in the morning to put yourself together, you want an easy, but professional look. The basic braid is a quick and put-together look that can be made to look trendy.

Separate your hair into 3 sections and alternate the pieces over one another until you’ve created your basic braid. Start up your curling iron before starting this style to allow it to heat while you’re getting ready. Take pieces of hair around the face and curl to allow for a more elegant look.

Quick Hairstyles: Messy Up-Do

When you want your hair up and out of the way, but still sexy and seductive, try this quick messy up-do. After jumping out of the shower, scrunch your hair up with some anti-frizz spray as well as a scrunching mousse product.

Set a French twist and pin with a set of ornate chopsticks or a detailed hairpin or clip. Allow some pieces to fall around the face. The best part of this hairstyle is that it can be done with wet hair. For those with naturally curly hair simply set your locks with a curling gel product to make your curls bouncier.

Quick Hairstyles: Hair Accessories

When you’ve given up on your hair and every style in the book, try a trendy hair accessory. Add a colorful headband, soft scarf, hairpins, clips, and other versatile hair accessories. You can use most of these hair accessories in hair set in a pony tail, half up and half down, or just long and flowing hair.

You can find these great accessories for your hair at the dollar store, grocery store, drugstore, and many other shops. When you don’t have time to mess with your hair, simply pin it up or hide it using these handy hair goodies.

Quick Hairstyles: Conclusion

Battling with your hair day after day can become tedious. Don’t fret over a bad hair day when there are plenty of ways to overcome your problem. Try some of these quick hairstyles that you can do In less than 5 minutes