How Massage Chairs Help While Relaxing And Reading?

Massage chairs must seem like a gift from heaven after a long day at work. It helps one relax and some time in it seems to get rid of all kinds of body issues. While you were relaxing in that chair, you must have often wondered how did it manage to do it. So let’s talk about it along with all the benefits of it: 

It helps one heal quickly

Relieving tension from the body is very important if you want to function fully on an everyday basis. But this tension should be relieved in a harmless manner so that it doesn’t accidentally add on to your pain and worries. Massage chairs are able to do just that with the different kinds of settings that it has. You can gauge your own stress and tension levels and then proceed to set the level of massage which makes you the most comfortable and relaxed. This is certainly more effective than going to a masseuse who you won’t be able to dictate to about the speed and strength to be used. 

It costs less

Buying just one massage chair will be enough to last you for years. You can use it according to your wants and then get it tuned up when needed. This will certainly cost less than going to a masseuse and that too periodically. Moreover, a massage chair will relax your whole body but a masseuse might not be able to do so. 

Doesn’t disturb

You can easily take a book and then settle down in your massage chair. The vibrations or movements of the chair aren’t so powerful that it will disturb your reading rhythm. In reality, you will be fell relaxed, be able to read a book and then probably be able to go to sleep there as well if the chair setting is on low. Using a massage chair is a really great way to unwind after a long day. 

Get ahead and foot massage

One of the best parts of all massage chairs is that you will be able to get ahead and foot massage at least. Of course, there are massage chairs that allow you to get shoulder and back massage as well but a head and foot massage are common in all. This is possible due to airbags in the massage chair which moves in several different directions so that it gives your head and feet a full massage. These airbags commonly move in the S and L track as well so that you can get a variety of head and foot massages. After all, it’s your head and feet which bears the brunt of the day’s labour mentally and physically. 

Basically, in a massage chair, you will have a remote controller with you that will allow you to get the massage intensity you want. It will also allow you to set the timer so that you get to be in the mood and intensity you want. 

The whole massage session is always a deeply comforting and pleasing experience. In this, massage chairs will satisfyingly improve your mental well-being. The massage sessions will certainly help uplift your mood, help in ensuring you have better blood circulation and help you relax as well. …

Facing Life’s Obstacles with an Upbeat Attitude and Fierce Determination.

Our third child a son, whom we named Timothy, was a normal newborn with a sprinkling of red hair in January of 1992. Things went well with him until the third month of age when he got quite ill. He was admitted to our local hospital with respiratory distress. He would spend a week there most of the time in an oxygen tent.

It’s important to note that prior to going into the hospital he was on target as far as weigh and development goes. Being that he was my third child I had none of the worries that I had with my other two children. Timmy’s pregnancy went better then the first two did. So the whole experience went smoothly, until he went into the hospital at the end of his third month of life.

After he got home things started to go downhill and we were at the hospital more often then not with this tiny little boy who seemed to be very atypical of my other children or any other child I had known.

Things continued to go from bad to worse that first 2 years of his life and he spent more time in the peds unit in our local hospital. There were times we didn’t think he’d live, yes things were that critical. Ninety Nine percent of the time he was in there for respiratory distress, and once it was for the flu. He was delayed severely because he didn’t have the energy to do as he should be doing. He was also very anti- social but I think that stemmed from having too many people do medical things to him. Those things had to be done to save his life.

We were dealing with failure to thrive, as seemed to be too tired to eat, perhaps he just didn’t care. I know people will say all babies eat when you give them a bottle but Timmy would not eat, no matter what we tried. His formula was fine and did not give him gas, and sometimes he’d eat baby food but not most of the time. He screamed when people would hold him, and it didn’t matter who held him. He was very content to sit or lay next to you as long as you did not make direct eye contact or touch him.

Sometime during the middle of the third year of Timmy’s life I got tired of being told by the pediatricians that he was just slow but would catch up on his own. So I took him out of there and into family medicine at our local hospital and the first doctor a sports medicine doctor named Donald Phykitt, we seen was outstanding. He finally listened to me and a development specialist was contacted. He seen everything I was seeing and he knew Timmy needed help.

When we met with the development specialist I was floored to say the least. Some how our pediatric department missed some serious delays that I as a parent seen. An early intervention team was brought in to work with Timmy in our home. On their first visit here he was tested thoroughly and was found to be 22 months delayed on average across the board. I was floored cried for days; I questioned how God could do this as I am sure many parents do when they find out devastating news such as this do.

Then I got determined to help Timmy grow to his potential and be all that he could be. Everyday there was some sort of therapist at out home and I sat and watch them work with my son and I learned much. I used what they did and did it when they weren’t there and I did my share along with my two other children. His physical, occupational and speech therapists were excellent no doubt and they came once a week, but his general therapist Chris Little would work with him on everything and was here often. His speech therapists set a goal for him for 6 months in the future and Timmy met it in just 2 months. Within six months all the therapists except for the general therapist were gone, simply because Timmy was excelling with all the help.

When Timmy was almost 5 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder was added to his diagnosis with a trip to a neurologist. A friend suggested I take him to see a chiropractor for the fine motor skills which were not coming …

Homemade Lava Lamp Craft for Kids

It is important to spend time with your children and do things with them besides the basic parenting tasks we all have to do like teaching our children basic hygiene, to use their manners, reading and writing, etc. We also need to do other things like play board games, outdoor sports, outings to museums, fairs, cooking and crafts to name a few. There is so much that children can learn from these activities and helps strengthen the bond between parents and their children as well as gives everyone lasting memories of these fun learning experiences.

Doing crafts at home with the kids are great family projects. It helps build children’s artistic skills, boost their creativity and some craft projects help children become more interested in science. A fun craft that also dubs as a science project is making homemade lava lamps. There are a few different formulas you can try depending on what you have around the house.

You will need:

Formula A:

A glass or plastic bottle with a cap (soda pop bottles work great, make sure you clean them well) 
Vegetable Oil 
Alka-Seltzer Tablets or Generic Brand

Formula B:

A glass or plastic bottle with a cap 
Vegetable Oil 

Formula C:

A glass or plastic bottle with a cap 
Vegetable Oil 
Baking Soda

There are other formulas that you can find by searching the internet that use alcohol or vinegar. I prefer the cooking oil because there are no harsh odors when working with it.

First fill the empty bottle ¼ full of water. Next add food coloring, this will change the color of the water to whatever color you added. (An added fun step here…on the back of most food coloring boxes there is a chart that shows you how to mix the colors to make even more colors like purple, orange, lime green, etc. You can take this opportunity with your kids to learn about mixing colors and have some fun with it!)

Fill the remaining ¾ of the bottle with vegetable oil, leaving about 1″ empty from the top of the bottle. Now comes the fun part…break the Alka-Seltzer tablet into about 6 pieces and drop them into the bottle. If you are not using Alka-Seltzer tablets, drop in about a heaping teaspoon of salt or baking soda. Sit back and watch the lava lamp like display! Afterwards, put the cap on the top of the bottle and you can have fun moving the colored water around the oil or add more tablets later and watch the lava-works again!…

Why My Wife and I Chose to Keep the Kids at Home

I want to start by saying that I loved my kids’ daycare here in Effingham, IL. Tree House Too was fantastic for my first two children, Megan and James.

It was April 2008 that my wife and I reached a crossroads. Our third child, Maggie was born. All three of my kids were under the age of five. Megan wouldn’t turn five until 2009 and my son was only 15 months older than my newest baby. At the time, I was doing work as a substitute teacher in the county we live in, but the work was inconsistent, as it always is. The decision we had after her six weeks of maternity leave was this: Do I continue to sub or do I stay at home with the children? Here are the reasons why the decision wasn’t hard.

Daycare prices were on the rise

For us, it was approximately $25 per kid/per day to go to the daycare service we loved. In the summer, I wasn’t working, so there was no extra money to pay for daycare. So with the summer of 2008, we considered it the trial run to see how I could handle a baby and two toddlers at home. After almost three months, I was doing well.

Substitute pay didn’t cover the daycare costs either

While my sub pay per day was a little more than the cost for one day of daycare for my three kids, it didn’t cover days I wasn’t teaching, and unless we made the kids go full-time, the cost was even more. Most jobs in America don’t cover the costs. It would take a person making over $10 per hour just to break even with three kids.

Being a teacher made me the best teacher for my kids

This probably ended up being the deciding factor. My children were getting great bits at the daycare, but that’s educationally what they were. The laws have changed in the past six years and daycares are required to more now to prepare kids for school. Most of this has happened since the pre-school system has been all but wiped out here in Illinois. What I could give my kids was more one-on-one with the basics to have them better prepared for school.

We ended up doing this for four school years. As Megan went off to kindergarten and first grade, we had one more child, our baby Jenna. After the fourth year of having me without a paycheck as a substitute teacher, we received a blessing in the summer of 2012. My mother came to live with us as she recovered from a second heart attack and later breast cancer. So as the 2012-13 school year came, I was able to begin going back to the teaching field and subbing on a somewhat regular basis. My mom stayed home with the baby as my other three kids are now all in grade school.…

Five Ways Your Kids Can Go Green at Home

Kids want to save the planet, and kids want to help the family. So, why not teach your kids ways they can go green at home? Here are five things kids can do at home to help the environment and to help lower family expenses.

Go Green by Turning on Cold Water. Explain to your kids how using cold water–instead of hot–saves your family money. In addition, teach your kids how to brush their teeth with minimal water usage by turning off the water stream while brushing. This conserves water and impacts both the environment and your water bill.

Go Green by Turning Off Lights. Getting your kids to turn off lights when they leave a room is an important first step, but it’s not the only way to go green with lighting. Kids can help open drapes or blinds to take advantage of free natural light during the daylight hours. Use of natural light saves electricity and saves on your electric bill.

Go Green with Compact Florescent Light Bulbs. Explain to your kids how certain light bulbs use more electricity to operate. Let your kids help swap incandescent light bulbs for compact florescent ones in your home, starting with their bedrooms. The initial cost of changing light bulbs in your home may pinch a bit, but you will save energy and cut utility costs over time.

Go Green by Replacing Paper with Cloth. Instead of using disposable paper towels and paper napkins in the kitchen, choose cloth. Explain to your kids how these items are easy to wash along with family laundry. Have a handy place in your kitchen to store cloth towels and napkins, and allow kids to help wash, dry, fold, and put away the cloth napkins and towels.

Go Green by Sorting Family Trash. Kids can help sort family and personal trash by separating out recyclables. Provide containers for glass, aluminum, cans, bottles, cardboard, and newspaper. Teach your kids how to determine what can be recycled and what cannot. A great motivation for recycling is to allow your kids to enjoy the money earned from recycling.

As your kids make these five simple changes at home, you will see a positive impact on your family budget, and your kids will be doing their part to go green.…

When is it too Late in Life for Kids?

When should we decide to stop having kids? I believe that is one of the age old questions. Some people think you should have them young then quit. So later you can enjoy your life living it for yourself only. Others believe you should have as many as you are blessed with. There is a lot between there and don’t worry I know that but to name them all I think my computer would crash. There are so many babies having babies now or just the opposite grandmas having babies. Is there a medium?

In my own life I decided to quit early. I had a tubal ligation when I was only 21 years old. Don’t think that was an easy task though. I had to go to many different doctors and in four different cities just to find a doctor to perform it. They even went as far as giving me a month to think about it then another two weeks before the surgery itself were the doctor told me if I wanted out that was the time. But I didn’t I was sure then as I am now that I was finished having children. I had two great kids a boy and girl and that was good enough for me.

Sometimes things in our lives push us to do these things as it did in mine. My mother and a single mother at that passed away when I was only eleven years old. This was hard to understand at eleven. It wasn’t for another year till it finally sank into my head that she was not coming back. It was something I fought with my whole live mainly because I was the only one with her when she died. She was only 51 years old when she passed from a heart attach. In my view at almost 40 when she had me it was too late in her life. From the time that I started my own family I knew I wouldn’t want my kids to live that pain. Maybe it’s not rational because we all know when it is our time it is our time but sometimes you just can help how you feel.

Now on the other hand my niece that is the same age as me 30 years old has four children. From the time that she was old enough to really get the concept of babies she has always wanted six. Yet after having her fourth child her doctor informed her that if she had another baby there would be a very large percentage that it would kill her. This problem worried her because non surgical birth control did not work with her. That is when she decided to get a tubal ligation. Even now since the operation she regrets and wishes for more and says she still might reverse it and give it one more try despite the consequence.

These are only two examples I know people who have six and eight children. There children have children at the same time they were or are pregnant. They have told me that they will never take birth control and if they happen to have ten or twelve children then it was Gods gift to them. Is it safe or healthy to do this to your body? Is it a religious thing? Is it personal? I believe these choices vary from person to person or even family to family. Now that you have some more information on this I can ask you one more time. When should we decide to stop having children?…

A Little Home Brewing Fun for the Kids

When you find an activity that the family can have fun with together then everyone is happy. The kids especially like to be in on whatever dad and mom are doing. Therefore, it makes for a good idea and happy family if you are able to find something that the adults enjoy doing and that the children can take part in as well.

When we mention home brewing, you may thing that this is not an activity that the kids should be part of. Besides the fact that you are making beer, there is the involvement of sterilized equipment and boiling hot water. None of this sounds appealing for the adults to have their children around, and the kids may not see it as much fun. However, there is a way that you can feel comfortable with your kids being involved in the process if you are creating a children’s beer.

You are probably wondering just what kind of beer can be made for children or any other members of the family who may prefer nonalcoholic beverages. The alternative is not really “beer” that has an alcohol content, but that of ginger beer. This is a beverage that the children will enjoy consuming, especially after they have had a hand in creating it. The parents can feel comfortable that the kids are involved in a safe, fun family activity that everyone can benefit from.

When you have decide when your day to brew will be, you should be sure to have on hand the instructions, equipment and ingredients for the ginger beer ready beforehand. Having the supplies already on hand and then surprising the kids on a raining day with a beer making day will thrill them. The instructions for creating ginger beer are quite simple to follow, quick to make and fun for the kids. This makes it nice for those times that the kids run out of the beverage and want to make more.

Ginger beer does not contain any outlandish ingredients that you have to get a specialty store. All the ingredients you need you will find at your local grocery store.

Read all the instructions before starting the process. Ginger beer ingredients include:

– 8 plastic bottles with 1 pint capacity each.

– 4 bottles with 1 quart capacity each.

– Several bowls to using for mixing.

– 2 ounces of fresh ginger

– 1 teaspoon cream of tartar

– 2 sliced lemons

– 1 pound of sugar

– 1 ounce of yeast

– 1 gallon of boiling water

Before combining ingredients, crush the ginger so that it will properly mix with the other ingredients. The lemon should be sliced in large rings. All ingredients except the yeast can then be thoroughly combined into the boiled water.

Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature before adding in the yeast. Pour the completed mixture into the bottles and allow to go through fermenting for several days. Upon completion of the fermentation process, skim the residue from the top of the beverage. After a bit of refrigeration your ginger beer is now ready to be consumed.…

4 Benefits to Staying at Home with the Kids

I certainly wouldn’t say those enviously wishing they could, “sit round and do nothing in their pajamas all day” are anywhere near realistically viewing what it is to raise kids at home. There are plenty of frustrating things about being a stay-at-home mom-not peeing alone ranks up there pretty high-but it does come with quite a few perks. The stay-at-home parent benefit package includes…

Being able to hit snooze.

I don’t have a 9-5 job. That does mean that I also don’t have a clock-off time or days off really, but it also means I don’t have a start time. If the kids aren’t up or I can talk them in to going back to bed and we have no obligations for the day, I can go back to bed too. I would say the no alarm status of stay-at-home parenting is one of my favorite things.

No dress code.

I do wear pajamas all day. A pair of shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt is a ridiculously comfortable wardrobe choice. While when I was working in the labor force that often meant a uniform, or at the least a dress code, my living room doesn’t have a dress code. I can wear whatever I want.

No boss.

If I want to let the dishes sit until tomorrow so I can go play in the sun with my kids, I can. If I want to take off for a few days camping, I may have to take the kids in most cases, but I don’t have to hope I can get the time off. There’s no one telling me I’m not working fast enough or not meeting quotas. No lectures and no co-workers, of course, there’s also no pay.

The best show in the world.

Finally, the biggest perk of being a stay-at-home parent is the opportunity to watch your kids grow without missing a beat. I would suffer all the alarm clocks, dress codes, bosses and restrictions in the world not to miss that, but luckily, I don’t have too. I do have to let go of some of my freedom, privacy, and maybe a little sanity here and there, but being there for my kids makes it worth it. I am thankful I’m in a position that allows me a job position some may look down on, no matter how much I may complain on occasion.…