The Departed Troubles Relatives of the Real-life Boston Irish Mobster ‘s Victims

Relatives  photo
Photo by National Library of Ireland on The Commons

The Oscar awarded “The Departed” has recently triumphed at the star-sudden award ceremony last month, but not without causing up set for real victim’s relatives of the real Boston based mobster who terrorized so many. While the mob drama wowed moviegoers the world victim’s relatives reflect on the horrific crimes committed against their family members by the cruel mobster.

The extraordinary tale of the Irish Mobster and the Police force whose task it was to infiltrate the mob has Hollywood singing “The Departed” much praise. Director Martin Scorsese received his first in five previously nominations Oscar Award for Best Director of the critically acclaimed mob film. This Hollywood adaptation of real life Irish mob life has proven to be the highest earning film in the Scorsese filmography to date

It even saw the likes of Mark Wahlberg receive his own Oscar nomination for a superb depiction of a superior officer in the Massachusetts Police Force. The actual realty of the film is that there is a real-life Boston Irish mobster named James “Whitey” Bulger who grossly tortured his victims. The relatives of his victims are speaking out about the unpleasant and even horrifying memories “The Departed” film resonates for them.

Bulger was indicted for 19 murders, but has evaded prosecution since December 23. 1994. His disappearance was believed to be in connection with his acting as a government informer along with links to corrupt federal agents. He is listed with the likes of Osama bin Laden on the America Most Wanted. A massive manhunt has been undertaken to apprehend the fugitive who has not surfaced in several decades.

Christopher McIntyre, 47, whose brother was murdered by Bulger’s gang in 1984, said of the Bulgur characterization in the film, ” The movie gives this hero worship to this creature.” He verified that he and other relatives of Bulger’s victims were simply unable to watch the mob drama because they found it all still “very painful.” The real life fugitive mobster has scarred the relatives of his victims for life. The film version of his life has left some of these relatives with a feeling of exploitation.

“For eight hours, they strapped him in a chair and cut pieces off him. He begged for a bullet in the brain,” McIntyre said. Many are still affected by the threat and loose ends of Bulger’s gang. In 2001, McIntyre’s family filed a federal lawsuit claiming top-level FBI agents at of the Boston office knowingly shielded Bulger’s crimes from prosecuting, because they were informants against the local Italian Mafia. FBI has not responded with a comment, but did confirm that the Bulger investigation was very much on going.